Odessa Shipping Dinner 2017

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Annual Odessa Shipping Dinner is one of the most significant and largest events in Black Sea Region for Shipping & Trade representatives.

For several years it gathers over 350 participants of Shipping & Trade at Otrada Beach Club – a marvelous place at the Black Sea coast. Last year the number of participants made up 400! Organizers offer several networking venues which facilitate not only making new and useful contacts but also strengthening the old ones.

Dinner participants have a unique opportunity to reserve company table, inviting colleagues and business partners. Such companies as Milestone, Novamar, Phaeton, Skylight Maritime S.A., GN GROUP, Intresco Limited, Nortrop, Dealex and MSG already used this opportunity.

Dress code this year:
Men: suit and tie
Women: floor-length dress

List of participants

Company Tables




Company Tables


List of participants:

Company Name Position Country
A - TEAM Ship Repair / Technical & Supply Co. AS  Ela Yilmaz Sales&Purchasing Manager Turkey
A - TEAM Ship Repair / Technical & Supply Co. AS  Gursel Sicilli Owner Turkey
ABLV Bank Aleksandrs Dmitrijevs   Latvia 
Aciter Cotrol LTD, LLC Sergiy Bats Director Ukraine  
ADM Leonida Nikitina Deputy Head of Legal Ukraine
Advocate Alexander  Chebotarenko Legal advisor Ukraine
AGA, Ukraine Maxim Volyanskiy Shipbroker Ukraine
Agroprosperis LLC Igor Osmachko Head of sales Ukraine
Agrostudio Group Anton Zavalko Head of Sales Department Ukraine
Albros Alexey Bogucharskiy   Turkey
Albros Igor Kotlikov   Turkey
Aleria Denizcilik Ve Ticaret A.S Selva Bagirlar Kiran  Chartering manager Turkey
ALKA CREWING LTD  Igor Neverovskyi   Ukraine
ALLSEEDS Natalie Pavlenko Head of Export Trade in Ukraine Ukraine
Amstrad Maritime S. A. Dmitriy Pavlov Chartering Manager Ukraine
Amstrad Maritime S. A. Vitaliy Sautenkov Owners' Representetive Ukraine
AMV MARITIME LTD Nikolay Averikhin Registration manager Ukraine
AMV MARITIME LTD Valerii Ostrovskyi IRS senior Surveyor Ukraine
AP Logistics LTD Aleksandr Korobeinikov Project manager Ukraine
AP Logistics LTD Alexey Povorozniuk    CEO Ukraine
AQUA TRANS MANAGEMENT Oleg Senchynevych CEO Ukraine
Aquavita International S.A Dmitriy Bezymiannov Chartering manager Greece
Arena Marine  Anna Fillina Chartering manager Ukraine
Arena Marine Ltd Elena Kononenko manager Ukraine
Arena Marine Ltd Liliya Pavlenko    Ukraine
ARGO SHIPPING LTD Alexander Vovchuk Owner Ukraine
Ascet Shipping Ltd. Vladyslav Driviniieks Agent  Ukraine
ASi Ukraine LLC (Alex Stewart International Ukraine) Alexey Moshnyanskiy Business Executive Ukraine
Asia and Africa General Trading LLC  Rajeev Ranjan Prasad  General manager UAE
ATIS Shipping Vasyl Moroz Deputy Director Ukraine
Atlantic Ship Management Morozov Konstantin Quality Manager Ukraine
Atlantic Ship Management Soldatov Alexiy Managing Director Ukraine
Atria Brokers LP Taras Panasyuk Chartering manager Ukraine
Averton Group  Andrian Grebenshchykov Chartering manager Ukraine  
Averton Group  Dmitry Rudas  Chartering manager Ukraine  
AZOV WAVE SHIPPING AND TRADING CO Erhan Yigiter Owner of company Turkey
AZOVBALTTRANS Igor Bryantsev Director Russian Federation
Azov-Don Shipping Roman Bondarenko   Russian Federation 
Batpetrol LLC Jaba Tarimanashvili   Georgia
Baywa Marketing and Trading International B.V.  Maksym Sheremet Chartering and operations manager Ukraine
Beyaz Shipping Ltd / Istanbul Okan Tunali   Turkey
Binarta Shipmanagement Max Molchanov,   Ukraine
BMS United Bunkers (Cyprus) Ltd Jenny Gianni Bunker Trader Cyprus
BMS United Bunkers (Cyprus) Ltd Dimitrios Papadimitriou  Senior Bunker Trader Cyprus 
British Embassy Kyiv Iryna Kuguk Trade Development Advisor Ukraine
BTA Baltic Insurance Company, AAS  Velhovskis Aleksandrs Product Manager of Marine and Cargo Risks Insurance  Latvia 
Bulk egypt for shipping and trading services Hassan Youssef Managing director Egypt
Bunker Partner OU Anton Voronkov   Estonia
Bunker Partner OU Ilja Krivoshein   Estonia
Bunker Partner OU Marina Jakobsen Trading Department Estonia
Bunkernet Ltd. Alexey Kostin Senior Trader Cyprus
Capricorn Marine Service Ltd Yuri Dreimanis Board member, partner, Estonia
Cargill Dmitry Vyakhirev Project manager Ukraine
C-Bulk Ltd  Lina Ognieva   Belize 
Charterrers Club  Lachlan Morison   UK 
Charterrers Club  Tomas Ling   UK 
Chayka Group LLC Alyona Chayka Declarant Ukraine
Chayka Group LLC Marina Suhoruchenko Director Ukraine
CHS Ukraine Anna Sankina   Ukraine
CHS Ukraine Starostenko Sergey Commercial director Ukraine
CHS Ukraine Yuliya Mekhovska   Ukraine
CISS GROUP PTE.LTD.  Dmitriy Filipchyk Co-owner and CEO Singapore
Cockett Marine Oil Alexander Muratov   Ukraine 
Cockett Marine Oil Andrey Golishchenko   Ukraine 
Cockett Marine Oil Andrey Matuzkov   Ukraine 
Cockett Marine Oil Vadym Boyko   Ukraine 
Commer International ltd Dimitar Hristov Logistics assitant Bulgaria
Commer International ltd Nikola Hristov Manager Bulgaria
Concord Shipbuilding Vlad Tsalko   Ukraine
Cotecna Ukraine Limited Aleksey Gousev Coordinator Ukraine
Cotecna Ukraine Ltd Olga Tovkun Regional CIS Head of Operations  Ukraine
Cotecna Ukraine Ltd Tatiana Gorbachenko Executive Coordinator Ukraine
CTO SC Anastas Kokkin General Director Ukraine
CTO SC Igor Yarovenko Executive Commercial Director Ukraine
CTO SC Svetlana Yarovaya PR&Communications Director Ukraine
Danton Shipping Igor Kolomiytsev   Ukraine
Danube Shipping Management Service GmbH Klimov Vladimir Freight manager Austria
Dawson Group Limited Alexander Ryndin Head of Chartering Department Russian Federation
Dealex Transport Sergey Nazarenko Director Ukraine
East Med Commodities Trading LLC Amr Kassem Director Egypt
Economou International Shipping Agencies Peter Vedernikov General Manager Ukraine
Efendichart LTD. Nurullah Bahtiyar   Turkey
Efendichart LTD. Tayfun Anik Shipbroker  Turkey
EFG Bank S.A Normunds Eglitis First Vise President Switzerland
Eksen Chartering & Transport LTD. Umit Mercan   Broker Turkey
Enire LLC  Alexander Nikulin  Commercial director Ukraine
EVERI, Llc. Vitaliy Belov Director Ukraine
EVERI, Llc. Yuriy Riske Deputy director Ukraine
Firamar (Bunker Agent for Glencore/Chemoil) Ragesh Ravi Managing Director Germany
First Logistic Company Alexander Іvanko Commercial Director Ukraine
First Logistic Company Tatyana Dvornikova Deputy Commercial Director Ukraine
First Logistic Company Vera Klimik Director Ukraine
Fly Me, LLC Elena Shvets CEO Ukraine
Formag Group Natalia Kemel Commercial Manager Ukraine
Formag Group Oleg Kostyuk Director Ukraine
Garsan/Klam Oliya Sergey Kukolev Director Ukraine
Genaker Alexey Yatsenko chartering manager Ukraine
Genaker Anatoliy Lukiyan   chartering manager Ukraine
Genaker Boris Shablya chartering manager Ukraine
Global Shipping LTD Igor Sivkov Chartering manager Ukraine
Global Shipping LTD Sergey Vdovichenko General manager Ukraine
Global Shipping LTD Yuriy Dolzhenko Chartering/agency manager Ukraine
GN GROUP CORPORATION  Huseyin Olgun Chartering manager Turkey
GN GROUP CORPORATION  Mustafa Batal  General manager Turkey
GN GROUP CORPORATION  Resul Hasanov  Owner Turkey
Grain Trade LTD Andrey Padalko Manager Ukraine
GREENCO LTD. Alexander Zrely Founder Ukraine
Gundem Shipping  Halil Aybars Tastanoglu Ship Broker Turkey
Gundem Shipping  Ramazan Parlar Jr. Ship Broker Turkey
H.I.Kaptanoglu Ship Management Ilker Baldoken    Turkey
Hartford S.A. Sergey Bakalo Sale & Purchase  Ukraine
HAV Chartering Aleksandra Gladyr Vessel operator Norway
Hizir Denizcilik Nakliye ve Tic Ltd Sti Didem Yuksel Chartering Manager Turkey
INEBOLU TERSANECILIK SAN. ve TIC. A.S. Nataliya Anisimova Marketing Development Ambassador Turkey
Inflot, Black Sea General Shipping Agency   Ihsan Unal Director Inflot Istanbul Turkey
Inflot, Black Sea General Shipping Agency   Andrey Dobravskiy Deputy Director Inflot Kherson Ukraine
Inflot, Black Sea General Shipping Agency   Olga Bronetskaya General Director Ukraine
Interchart  Alexey Zavarskiy  Chartering Department UK
Interlegal  Artem Skorobogatov Partner Ukraine
Interlegal  Arthur Nitsevych Partner Ukraine
Interlegal  Irina Voyevodina Partner Ukraine
Interlegal  Natalya Myroshnychenko Partner Ukraine
Interlegal  Nikolay Melnykov Partner Ukraine
Interlegal Bulgaria – Alterego Mladen Popov Partner, Attorney at Law Bulgaria
Interlegal Moldova Natalia Armash Representative Moldova 
Interlegal Turkey Korhan Pars  Lawyer Turkey
Interlegal Turkey Mehmet S. Dogu  Partner Turkey
Interlegal Turkey Mert Tuna Akartuna  Lawyer Turkey
Interpipe Ukraine Anna Petrukhnenko Head of Sea Freight Logistic Department Ukraine
Intertek Ukraine Agri  Julia Zagoruyko  Operation Manager of bulk cargoes Agri and food Ukraine
Intertek Ukraine Agri  Victoria Matus Operation Manager Agricultural Services Ukraine
Intertek Ukraine Agri  Vladimir Trupanov Business Line Manager Agri Ukraine Ukraine
Intresco Ltd Aleksey Bazhanov   Ukraine
Intresco Ltd Anatoliy Yakovenko   Ukraine
Intresco Ltd Artem Beba   Ukraine
Intresco Ltd Maksym Khaulin   Ukraine
Intresco Ltd Maksym Yakovenko   Ukraine
Intresco Ltd Nikolay Ostapov   Ukraine
ITERIS Ltd Alexey Belovodov Head of project transportation, container department Ukraine
ITERIS Ltd Dmitry Krushenevsky Deputy Director Ukraine
KD Shipping Co Ltd Inc  Andrey Kravtsov  Director Ukraine
Kernel Trade LLC Olga Tsymbaliuk Trader Ukraine
Kernel Trade LLC Anna Kugat Head of Execution Department Ukraine 
Kernel Trade LLC Olga Shevchencko Chartering manager Ukraine 
Kernel Trade LLC Ruslana Kozachenko Trader Ukraine 
KHAR-AGRO Ltd Natalya Shevchenko Head of Sales Department,Trader Ukraine
KIESCO LLC Alexey Govorun Chartering Manager Ukraine
Klamoliya/Garsan Katerina Chernobay Manager  Ukraine
Klamoliya/Garsan Vladimir Pastyir Commercial director Ukraine
Kominsur Insurance Broker Stanislav Kovaljov VP Estonia
Konica Minolta Ukraine Vladimir Kravchenko Regional Sales Representative Ukraine 
Kota Logistic PE Andrii Minenko Director Ukraine
Kuzey Marine Insurance Brokers Emin Yasacan Yasacan Managing Owner Turkey
KVSA Data & Intelligence Gioberto Balinge  International Sales Executive Netherlands
L.G. ZAMBARTAS LLC George Zambartas Director Cyprus 
Lanchart Ltd Andrew Lander Executive Director Cyprus 
Lanchart Ltd Igor Lander President  Cyprus 
Larus Shipping Co Artem Shvets Forwarding department Ukraine
Larus Shipping Co Vadim Verbitskiy Director Ukraine
LBH Ukraine Sergey Chayka Managing Director Ukraine
LeGran.TT Tatyana Titarenko CEO Ukraine
Lentax-Yug, Grain terminal Mikhail Kobzov Deputy logistics director Ukraine
Lion Shipping Group Kirill Taran   Ukraine
LUKRO LTD Olga Kravchenko Sales manager Ukraine
Maersk Ukraine Ltd. Andrey Izotov Landside Operations Ukraine
Maersk Ukraine Ltd. Anna Mitrofanova Account Manager Ukraine
Maersk Ukraine Ltd. Iurii Goncharov Account Manager Ukraine
Maersk Ukraine Ltd. Ivan Voytovych Landside Operations Ukraine
Maersk Ukraine Ltd. Mariya Rodrigues Account Manager Ukraine
Maersk Ukraine Ltd. Olena Krucherova Account Manager Ukraine
Maersk Ukraine Ltd. Roman Koloianov General Director Ukraine
Marfin Bank, PJSC Stanislav Lyashenko Manager Odessa Cenral Sub-Branch Ukraine
Marine Container Service Katerina Baliutova Director Ukraine
Marine Services Group Aleksandrs Lisitskiy   Latvia 
Marine Services Group Andrejs Radionovs   Latvia 
Marine Services Group Emils Petermanis   Latvia 
Marine Services Group Julija Kazmina   Latvia 
Marine Services Group Nikita Aleksandrovs   Latvia 
Marine Services Group Valentins Melkis   Latvia 
Marinesko MLC Alexander Osipov Business Development Manager UK
Marinesko MLC Anatoly Voloshenko Director UK
Maritime Logistics LLC  Alexey Polikarenko Chartering and Operations manager,  Ukraine
Maritime Logistics LLC  Anton Shapran Director Ukraine
Maxal Shipping Ltd Yuliya Surovtseva Operation Manager Bulgaria
Maxigrain SA Anastasia Kutkovska - Trubayeva Trader Greece
Maxigrain SA Eleonora Berezovska - Kutkovska Trader Greece
Maxigrain SA Julia Kurchenko Head of Execution departmant Greece
Maxigrain SA Maxim Kutkovskyy Trader Greece
Maxmaine LLC Boris Khrebtov Director Ukraine
MB Shipping Alexey Chirko   Ukraine
MB Shipping Konstantin Sobol   Ukraine
MB Shipping Michael Tretyak   Ukraine
MB Shipping Yuriy Degtiar   Ukraine
MED GEMI ISLETMECILIGI  Teoman Kiran Manager Turkey
Mestex Shipping & Trading Alexandr Pedko Chartering manager Ukraine
Metinvest Shipping Andrey Smirnov   Ukraine
Metinvest Shipping Roman Reznik   Ukraine
Metinvest Shipping Viktor Rodnenok   Ukraine
Metinvest Shipping Vladimir Sevryukov   Ukraine
Milestone Shipping S.A. Constantin Voinarovskiy   Ukraine
Milestone Shipping S.A. Dmitriy Riabenko    Ukraine
Milestone Shipping S.A. Evgeniy Volkov   Ukraine
Milestone Shipping S.A. Igor Violin   Ukraine
Milestone Shipping S.A. Sergey Lapuhin    Ukraine
Milestone Shipping S.A. Viktoriia Voinarovska   Ukraine
Milestone Shipping S.A. Yuriy Voyevodskiy   Ukraine
Millennial Energy Trading Alexander Petrosenko   Malta 
Millennial Energy Trading Igor Rafailovsky   Malta 
Millennial Energy Trading Julia Bekreneva   Malta 
Millennial Energy Trading Yevgen Bekrenov   Malta 
Mistral Shipping Habib Ben Gharbia Managing director Tunisia
MOL (Europe Africa) Ltd.  Alper Yasar Chartering Manager UK
Monjasa A/S Dmitriy Koltsov Bunker Trader Denmark
MTA service LTD Yuriy Krasovskyy CEO Ukraine
MTL-Berdyansk Alexey Mudragelya Chartering manager Ukraine
Narva Gate, Insurance Experts Iurii Pushkarev Deputy director Russian Federation
Navitramp F.A. Alexander Babenko Chartering manager Malta
Nizhynsky Zhyrcombinat PSC Oleh Voloshuk Deputy chairman of supervisory board Ukraine
Nizhynsky Zhyrcombinat PSC Volodymyr Bukii Deputy chairman of board Ukraine
Nortrop Ltd Andrey Varvarenko Director Ukraine
Norvik Banka AS  Artem Kryvulskyi Representative in Ukraine Ukraine
Norvik Banka AS  Dmytro Neshcheret Representative in Ukraine Ukraine
Norvik Banka AS  Yuliya Chumak   Representative in Ukraine Ukraine
Novamar Ltd / Israel Mike Kesler   Israel
Novamar Ltd / Israel Stanislav Maliuev   Israel
Novamar Ltd /Israel Mike Lipster    Israel
Novorossiysk Port Terminal Ltd. Valentin Bokatyy CEO Russian Federation
Odemara  Egor Svetlichnyi General director Ukraine
Odemara  Yurii Rafaielian Deputy general director Ukraine
ODEMARA LTD Dmitriy Bychkov Head of Chartering department Ukraine
Odessa Sea Port Authority Mikhail Sokolov GM Ukraine
Odessa Sea Port Authority Ruslan Sakhautdinov Deputy Director Ukraine
Odyssey Group Lisovoy Yuriy Deputy director Ukraine
Odyssey Group Pavlo Buravlyov Director Ukraine
Orimi Shipping Kirill Burlakov   Russian Federation
Oschadbank, JSC  Gennadiy Khelemskyy Head of structured trade finance Ukraine
Oschadbank, JSC  Yuriy Katzion Head of corporate business Ukraine
Phaeton International S.A. Alexander Krasovsky Chartering manager Ukraine
Phaeton International S.A. Eugene Grechka Chartering manager Ukraine
Phaeton International S.A. Gennadiy Ivanov Chartering manager Ukraine
Phaeton International S.A. Igor Zadorozhny Operation manager Ukraine
Phaeton International S.A. Maxim Babenko Chief of Operation Department Ukraine
Phaeton International S.A. Nikolay Gavrilishin Chartering manager Ukraine
Pl Complex Cargo Igor Kasyanov   Cyprus
PL FERRARI & CO. SRL Stefano Calza   Italia
Portinvest Logistic Alexander Vasylchenko Commercial director Ukraine
Portinvest Logistic Denis Yevchuk Chartering manager Ukraine
PRECISE PE Andrey Tereshchenko Director  Ukraine
PRECISE PE Andrii Navolotskyi CEO Director Ukraine
PRECISE PE Yavorskaya Anna Operation Manager Ukraine
Prime Shipping Ltd Radka Russeva Manager Bulgaria
Primetransport ltd Alexey Blokha Operation Manager Ukraine
Primetransport ltd Dmitry Mashkovets Operation Manager Ukraine
Primetransport ltd Victor Puyu Chartering manager Ukraine
Primetransport ltd Victor Sytchenko Chartering Manager Ukraine
Prista Oil Ukraine Alexander Lototskiy Director Ukraine
Procontrol LLC Yuriy Karpyuk Chief recearcher Ukraine Nataliya Krut Deputy Director Ukraine
Proteus Risk Solutions  Kateryna Grushevska  Broker Belgium
PrSC  Raisa Kopylenko Deputy of supervisory board Ukraine
Quorum Capital LTD Ivan Vikulov Managing Partner Gibraltar
Raido Trans Logistic, LLC Dmitry Balzhik Director Ukraine
Raido Trans Logistic, LLC Mesnyankin Oleg Deputy Director Ukraine
Reba Shipping Services & Agency Onur Taga Broker Turkey
Red To Red Denizcilik Ltd. Serhat Kocman  Partner Turkey
Red To Red Denizcilik Ltd. Zekeriya Erduran Partner Turkey
Remedy Law Firm LLC Andrey Suprunenko Director Russian Federation
Rietumu Bank Juliya Starodubtseva Deputy head of Latvia 
ROADSTEAD TERMINAL CONCORD,LLC  Kapatsyna Mykola Shareholder Ukraine
Rosshipcom Ltd / Limassol Sergey Serbin   Cyprus
RTK-UKRAINE LLC Vladimir Kazanin Deputy Director Ukraine
Saga Oceanic SA Vitalii Polianskyi  Shipbroker Greece
Scudovsk Grain Terminal Vladimir Ugolnikov Commercial Director Ukraine
Sea Partner Ltd Daniel Stefanov General Manager Bulgaria
Seatrek Trans Pte LTD Alexander Nersesyan Business development manager Singapore
Seatrek Trans Pte LTD Vilen Kachalov Head of chartering department Singapore
Seatron Shipping and Trading Ltd, Istanbul Iurii Trubetskoi Director Ukraine
Seatron Shipping and Trading Ltd, Istanbul Iurii Volkov Chairman Ukraine
Seippel & Seippel Vanessa Gafari Cargo & Charterers' Liability Spain
Senemar Shipping and Trading LTD. H.Bulent Simsek   General Manager Turkey
Senemar Shipping and Trading LTD. Serhan Ozcan President of Company Turkey
SGS Ukraine FE  Alexander Voznyuk Managing Director Ukraine
SGS Ukraine FE  Georgiy Tykhonenko Operation Manager Ukraine
Ship Trade House Victor Borisenko   Ukraine
Ship Trade House Vitaliy Degtyarov snp broker Ukraine
SKL Ltd Andriy Kutkovskyy   Ukraine 
SKYLIGHT MARITIME S.A. (Company Table) Dmytro Tsviliuk   Greece
SKYLIGHT MARITIME S.A. (Company Table) Iaroslav Gaidai   Greece
Smart Trade Overseas SA Anna Akatieva   Ukraine
Smart Trade Overseas SA Oleg Yemets   Ukraine
Smart Trade Overseas SA Yulia Khomenko   Ukraine
Smart Trading LLP Vladimir Yudayev   Ukraine
Starfuels S.A.  Anton Goncharov Commodity broker  Switzerland
Starfuels S.A.  Nick Ilin Commodity broker  Switzerland
Stark Shipping LLC Andrey Tsarenko Director Ukraine
Stark Shipping LLC Konstantin Romashko Director Ukraine
Stark Shipping LLC Pisarev Alexander Broker Ukraine
Stark Shipping LLC Vyacheslav Sorochan Broker Ukraine
Statu Shipping & Trading Ltd. Oner Dandin Claim Handler Turkey
Stellar Navigation Sergey Khlusov Head of Chartering Lithuania
Sudoservice Shipping Consultancy and Trading Ltd. Levent Nakis Chartering  Turkey
Sudoservice Shipping Consultancy and Trading Ltd. Natalia Yigit Chartering  Turkey
Suek Ag Stanislav Lukshin   Switzerland
SUNGRAIN INVEST LLC Maxim Simonov Trader Ukraine
Sweet Manufacturing Company Julio Contreras Vice President of Sales USA
TAVRIA LINE Evgeniy Derkach CEO Ukraine
Tesoro Marine LLC Alexandr Dyrchenko Director Ukraine
TFK Zekter LLC Sergii Torshyn  Director Ukraine
TFK Zekter LLC Vitalii Filipenko Executive director Ukraine
TIS Group of Terminals Yegor Grebennikov   Ukraine
Tokem Bulk Oguzhan Mollaahmetoglu   Turkey
Trais Shipping  Sergei Bolotov  Director Ukraine
Transatlantica Commodities S.A. Oksana Bozina   Greece
Transatlantica Commodities S.A. Oleksandr Gaidai   Greece
Transatlantica Commodities S.A. Yakiv Kutkovskyy   Greece
Trimpex Management LTD Nora Koleva Shipbroker  Bulgaria
Trimpex Management LTD Stefan Bozhilov Director Bulgaria
Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Irina Remeslo  Commercial Manager Ukraine
Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Margarita Azoyan   Head of the Commercial-Freight Department Ukraine
Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Vladimir Zaporozhan    Ukraine
Ukrrichflot JSSC Dmytro Kolomachenko Head of Fleet Operations Department Ukraine
Ukrrichflot JSSC Dmytro Yagello Acting Chief Commercial Officer Ukraine
Ukrrichflot JSSC Eugene Krasovskiy Manager for Container Transportation Ukraine
Ukrrichflot JSSC Yuriy Korotkiy Director of port operations Ukraine
Ulusoy Sealines Management S.A. Roman Sorochenkov Chartering Manager Turkey
UMG Aleksey Podobedov Logist Ukraine
UMG Dmitriy Korostov   Ukraine
Unicorn Maritime Ltd Yuriy Kravchuk Director Ukraine
Unimarin Shipping Osman Aslan Broker Turkey
United Minerals Group Alyona Melnikova Head of Origination Department UMG AGRO Ukraine
United Minerals Group Walenty Sielwiesiuk Agrotrading Project Director Ukraine
USPA SE Artem Repnevskyy Business development manager Ukraine
USPA SE Raivis Veckagans Acting CEO Ukraine
USPA SE Volodymyr Shemayev Head of Strategic Planning and Developing Department  Ukraine
Valship PE Kostiantyn Telyatkov Manager Ukraine
Variant Agro Build, LLC Aleksey Grushko Project Manager, VIP Clients Ukraine
Variant Agro Build, LLC Aleksey Kiba Head of the Regional Office Ukraine
Variant Agro Build, LLC Amer Choufani CEO Ukraine
Vernal Valeriy Voinichenko   Ukraine
Vernal Shipping  Maksym Averikhin  Chartering manager  Ukraine
Victoria Maritime Krasimir Ivanov   Turkey
World Marine Corporation  Theodoros Polydoros Marketing Manager Greece
Yagci Denizcilik ve Ticaret Ltd Sti. Ismail Sahin Ship Broker Turkey
YURAN SC Viktor Bondarenko Director Ukraine
Yuzhny Sea Commercial Port SE Bessarabova Elena press officer Ukraine
Yuzhny Sea Commercial Port SE Vitalii Zhukovskyi  Director Ukraine
Zeos Bunker Yevheniia Karyndzha Bunker and lubeoil trader Turkey
ZERNOEXPORT DMCC Gleb Zhyvora Export Manager UAE

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Companies that registered company tables - official supporters of the event: 


milestone novamar phaethon intresco
skylightmaritime gn-group dealex msg
nortrop cockett


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